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Amselweg 12
71116 Gärtringen

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We offer firewood that has been dried and is ready to burn.
Our firewood is sourced from local managed forests. It is beech – one oft the most popular choices for burning.

We deliver quantities of 1 cubic metre and over. Private customers usually buy in quantities of 2 to 4 cubic metres.
Our logs come in the following lenghts: 25 cm, 33 cm, 50 cm, 100 cm.


Our prices are subject to varying wholesale prices and can therefore differ from year to year. Please ask for a quotation for our selection of services for the current and the coming year.

Our prices are given per cubic metre. Please note that a cubic metre is not the same as a stère (loose cubic metre). A stère relates to the quantity of logs which is loosely heaped up to make 1 m³ (1m x 1m x 1m). As the logs are heaped up in an random way, this volume contains considerably more gaps than a cubic metre. For a cubic metre, we stack 1 m logs systematically, leaving only minimal gaps between the logs.
Compared to a cubic metre, a stère contains only about 70% wood. As there is less wood in a stère, the price of a stère is less than that of a cubic metre.


We offer curbside delivery of ready-to-burn firewood before the start oft the heating period, i.e. from late summer into the autumn.
At the request of the property owner, we can also unload the delivery on their premises provided the area is accessible and safe to drive on.

Delivery is free to the following locations:
Gärtringen, Rohrau, Aidlingen, Deufringen, Dachtel, Lehenweiler, Deckenpfronn und Nufringen.
Please ask for a quotation for delivery to other locations.

If requested, we can assist you in stacking your firewood at Euro 20 per man hour. One person can stack about 2 cubic metres per hour, depending on accessibility of the storage space and the distance between the unloading and storage areas.

Firewood Preparation

The timber we buy is cut into 1 m lenghts at the felling site. The lenghts are split with a woodsplitter and transported to the lumberyard where appropriate storage ensures optimal drying. Upon receiving your order, we cut the 1 m lenghts to the required size and deliver them to you.

Firewood Service

If you own timber that you need help cutting, we can also be of service. We can haul your timber out of the felling site and cut it to size at your premises.

With a professional maschine park, we can pass on this advantage to you and offer full firewood preparation services: felling, splitting, sawing, and transport.

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